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Khila and Nisha are the wives of two brothers. They live together, clean the house together, take care of their children together, plant beans together. Each of them is a very different woman.​

Khila Thakur, 24

Khila is the wife of Vedram, with whom she had an arranged married at 20.

She is the mother of a 2-year-old boy.

​She invokes with no shame her feminine, seducing with rosy colors and some other mysteries.​

In the kitchen, she taught me the power of enchanting others just by using your own hands and whatever pungent elements nature provides you with.

Her gaze is secretive, serious and severe. It hypnotizes. We shared long moments of silence, when our eyes alone conveyed the mysteries we both carried inside.

Nisha Thakur, 30

Nisha is the wife of Dola, her school boyfriend to whom she got married at 19. She is mother of two boys, 8 and 4 years-old.

She is a caring fortress. All creatures want to fall asleep on her lap.

She constantly and loudly laughs, and, sometimes, screams at the children.


She has endless body energy, which she spends in cleaning and tyding up.


She speaks a few words in English, and with those we held slow and large conversations. She said I was a strong woman. I said no, you are.

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