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Cléotilde Murillo Renjifo, 58


Chola is the matriarch of a house of thirteen people: three sons, two daughters-in-law, six grandchildren and one family friend who came to visit and stayed.​

​​She feeds them.

She plants, harvests, dries and mills rice.

She kills, cleans, cuts and cooks chicken.

She fries fish.

She paddles up the river to reach her crops.

She squeezes red seeds to make a moisture to color food.




​She makes use of her hands.​

They hold big knives.

They wash clothes.

They knit earrings.

They knot branches to tie her wooden canoe.

​They rub her grandson's feet.

They clap while she dances.

​​They make hairbands and tie them to her hair. And to mine.

She is pretty. She feels pretty.

She made me want to gain her esteem.

She let me in.

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